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Immediate Issues Facing The 5th

Economic Development

The lack of economic development in the 5th ward has resulted in decreased employment opportunities for residents. I plan to increase current employment levels with incentives to companies for hiring people who live in the community. I will work to bring large companies to the 5th ward to get thousands of people of all ages gainfully employed.

Youth and Education

I will renew the emphasis on preparing young people to become responsible adults. I plan to develop a special committee with a focus on this essential area of need and will work with our government officials to secure more funding and resources to help more students go to college. Additionally, I will work to drive opportunities in trade careers for residents in these sought-after skillsets. These efforts are paramount to creating opportunities, reducing crime, drive generational wealth and empowerment.

Public Safety Improvements

Crime has become commonplace in the 5th ward. Current conditions have gotten worse, year after year, with our residents being failed. It is time to Restore South Shore. I plan to crack down on the constant loitering and open-air drug sales outside of businesses. I will concentrate on areas where crimes are frequently committed against innocent people such as gas stations, grocery stores, and bus and train stops to provide heightened police presence. I will also push for law enforcement to increase community involvement by foot patrol to foster police and community engagement, which leads to more information towards arrests and the removal of criminals from the community. 

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